Shamrock Lakes Fireworks

We’ve set a goal to build our fireworks display into the largest, most exciting show around! One way we do this is by eliminating the middleman. We produce the entire display ourselves, from designing the show and purchasing the shells, to setting up and actually shooting off the fireworks. We save thousands this way! (Especially when you consider that all of this is done by volunteers.) If you’ve seen our shows then you already know we’re well on our way to meeting our goal. If you haven’t seen our shows yet, you should know that viewers have stated frequently that our displays compare, or even top other well-known shows in the state. The McGregor area fireworks are known as the Best of the Best, and the to be for spectacular fireworks displays!

To make this happen we have established an easy-to-manage system that will allow our fireworks program to continue, and to grow over the years. This system is comprehensive: encompassing advertising, fundraising, purchasing, insurance, and permits, to setup and training of volunteers. With this basic system we achieve our goals and, unlike what has occurred in the past, there should be no reason why we should ever be without a fireworks program in this area again.

Our program runs strictly on donations and we hope you will join us in recognizing the value of this exciting tradition for our community, our family and friends, and of course for all the children both big & small.

Your donations can be done right here at this site.